Study abroad semester in Czech Republic

Czech Republic emerged after the collapse of Czechoslovakia in 1993. You can taste a strange mix of German and Slavic influences there, with an important Italian architectural component. Its most important cities are the picturesque Prague, Brno, Plzeň and Ostrava.

The country does not identify with a common religion: there are several religious affiliations but none of them is prevalent. Among those there are the Roman Catholic, Orthodox congregations, Protestants and Hussites. Climate is continental but varied and depends on some occasional oceanic influxes. Furthermore, the relief system of the country accentuates quick variations in the climatic conditions.

Czech Republic is both an important beer and wine producer, with the former of predominant production in Bohemia and the latter in Moravia. Czechs are also passionate enjoyers of their alcoholic products, especially beer. Tourism boomed after the 90s, and contributed drastically to the revamping of the nation, that nowadays has become one of the hottest destinations in Europe. Healthcare also improved considerably and is now at the level of the other developed EU countries. Last but not least, Czech Republic is the home of Charles University, the oldest university north of the Alps (available on wearefreemovers!).

What are the best universities in Czech Republic for semester students?

Are you still undecided whether or not Czech Republic might be an appealing destination for you? On wearefreemovers you can find a selection of 11 academic institutions offering you the possibility of spending a semester or a full academic year in Czech Republic. Let’s check some statistics about them.

Here you can see the positions of the Czech institutions among the world’s best universities rankings.

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As you can see, Charles University is standing out with a solid positioning among the world’s most renowned rankings, with Masaryk University following, and then the other ones. Prague University of Economics and Business has an excellent positioning in the Eduniversal ranking, with 5 palmes of excellence out of 5. This means that it is a business school with strong global influence. Additionally, I see the Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education – Economics Institute as an excellent niche institution, that is too small to be counted in rankings.

Costs and fees of studying in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a mid-expensive country. Monthly costs of living for a single person are around 550€. Here you can find a detail of the various costs that you can encounter in this country. Keep in mind that, as a student, you could have access to various discounts which can include food, travel, and accommodation expenses.

When it comes to university’s fees, Czech Republic is fairly cheap, with a median 1788€/semester for EU free mover students and 2050€/semester for non-EU free mover students.

Which Czech cities are available for free movers?

Currently there are 5 cities that accept free movers in Czech Republic. Have you ever dreamt of studying in Prague or any other city in Czech Republic? Here you can find institutions divided by city: