Study abroad semester in Norway

Welcome to Norway!

Norway is a long country extended over the west and northernmost part of Scandinavia. It is divided from the sea by the spectacular fjords. It also has several thousands of islands. Climate in Norway is not that bad thanks to the Gulf Stream that regularly warms up the Norwegian sea. Petroleum is an important business for Norway, with a significant portion of the GDP made up by refined and unrefined oil exports.

Immigration is strong due to the favorable living conditions that the country offers, as Norway has one of the highest GDP per capita in the world. Social assistance programs are some of the most comprehensive that an individual can enjoy, with almost all important expenses covered by the state. Norwegian language is becoming less and less important, while English is becoming more and more spoken even for day to day conversations, especially among the youngest.

The working policy is to encourage less work and to punish abuses: there is a maximum amount of working hours imposed by law and a minimum number of days of annual vacation. Norway has pursued progressive social policies. In 1993 it became the second country to legally recognize unions between homosexual partners.

What are the best universities in Norway for semester students?

Are you still undecided whether or not Norway might be an appealing destination for you? On wearefreemovers you can find a selection of 6 academic institutions offering you the possibility of spending a semester or a full academic year in Norway. Let’s check some statistics about them.

Here you can see the positions of the Norwegian institutions among the world’s best universities rankings.

NAMEQSTHEARWUCWURCWTSEduniversal palmesU.S. News & World Report's Best Global Universities RankingsWebometrics
BI Norwegian Business School---1672-5--
Bergen School of Architecture--------
Nord University--------
Norwegian Academy of Music--------
Oslo School of Architecture and Design--------
Queen Maud's College of Early Childhood Education--------

Except for BI Norwegian Business School, which is a global center of excellence in the business field with 5 palmes by Eduniversal, Norwegian universities that you can find here on wearefreemovers are not mentioned in any of the major global universities rankings. This is due to the fact that they are so highly specialized that they constitute “niche” institutions, highly focused on a subject field (business, architecture, music, education), with the only exception being Nord University, that is a more wide-encompassing university.

Costs and fees

Norway is an extremely expensive country. Monthly costs of living for a single person are close to 1150€. Keep in mind that, as a student, you could have access to various discounts which can include food, travel, and accommodation expenses.

When it comes to university’s fees, Norway is medium expensive, with a median 3150€/semester for free mover students.

Which cities of Norway are available for free movers?

Currently there are many cities that accept free movers in Norway. Have you ever dreamt of studying in Oslo or any other city in Norway? Here you can find institutions divided by city: