Study abroad semester in Romania

Welcome to Romania!

Romania was a Roman colony back in the days, called Dacia. This fact shaped heavily the subsequent Romanian culture for centuries, if not millennia. As you can see from their language, that is completely unrelated to the neighboring ones and still very close to Latin, Romania kept its personal identity throughout its history, even when foreign occupations occurred. It is a very western-oriented country, now fully integrated into the European Union.

Thanks to its business opportunities, made in EU production and raw materials are coming from Romania, hence economical situation is improving way faster than the European standard one. Climate is enjoyable, with warm but not so hot summers and cold winters, that sometimes can be rigid, especially in the mountainous areas.

Education is good, and it is chosen by many students of the neighboring countries that don’t belong to the EU for the fact that degrees in Romania are EU approved. Hence, any degree obtained there is considered valid inside the European Union without any problem for professions that explicitly require an EU approved degree, such as medical ones.

What are the best universities in Romania for semester students?

Are you still undecided whether or not Romania might be an appealing destination for you? On wearefreemovers you can find a selection of 5 academic institutions offering you the possibility of spending a semester or a full academic year in Romania. Let’s check some statistics about them.

Here you can see the positions of the Romanian institutions among the world’s best universities rankings.

NAMEQSTHEARWUCWURCWTSEduniversal palmesU.S. News & World Report's Best Global Universities RankingsWebometrics
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University1001+1001+-1416-21148984
Politehnica University Timișoara-1001+------
UMFST Târgu-Mureș-1001+------
University of Galați-1001+------
West University of Timișoara1001+1001+-1186-2557-

Romania unfortunately has not already an established reputation in the education field. However, I have a positive feeling toward the future of the country, especially in education. Why? Because the economical growth is sustained, hence more and more specialized roles are going to be needed, so universities could have a big impact on educating a new generation of skilled workers, that could in turn higher the reputation of their universities. Then, as previously stated, many students from neighboring countries are coming to Romania because of its EU member status, so more and more graduates from Romania are foreign-born which, because of the EU validity of their degree, can use it abroad at the same level of their European peers. So, at the end, Romania could really be a good bet, and that’s why I have included it on wearefreemovers.

Costs and fees

Romania is a cheap country. Monthly costs of living for a single person are close to 500€. Keep in mind that, as a student, you could have access to various discounts which can include food, travel, and accommodation expenses.

When it comes to university’s fees, Romania is extremely cheap, with a median 300€/semester for free mover students.

Which Romanian cities are available for free movers?

Currently there are some cities that accept free movers in Romania. Have you ever dreamt of studying in Timișoara or any other city in Romania? Here you can find institutions divided by city: