Study abroad semester in Sweden

Welcome to Sweden!

Like Norway, Sweden is a nice country to live in. First of all, because of the climate: thanks to the Gulf Stream the weather is enjoyable even at high degrees of latitude. Normally, if you compare the climate of that latitude in Canada or Russia, Swedish temperatures are far better. Maybe light hours could be the only climatic problem, especially in the north of the country during winter.

Sweden is a very pacific and tolerant nation. It is very open to the world and to foreign people, offering also some good social assistance programs. Wages are high, medical assistance is valid, and quality of life overall is great. Education is free, even for university students coming from the European Union. There are other cheap places to study at in Europe, but Sweden, along with Finland, has completely abolished tuition fees for EU citizens.

Swedes are very interested in sports, with nearly one-half of the country’s inhabitants belonging to sports clubs. They love especially outdoor and in the nature activities. Skiing and mountain activities are also popular. The connection with nature is deeply felt in Sweden, and the country has taken a strong stance against environmental pollution, with a series of green plans to reduce drastically the emissions in the next decades.

What are the best universities in Sweden for semester students?

Are you still undecided whether or not Sweden might be an appealing destination for you? On wearefreemovers you can find a selection of 10 academic institutions offering you the possibility of spending a semester or a full academic year in Sweden. Let’s check some statistics about them.

Here you can see the positions of the Swedish institutions among the world’s best universities rankings.

NAMEQSTHEARWUCWURCWTSEduniversal palmesU.S. News & World Report's Best Global Universities RankingsWebometrics
Stockholm University181183691593274114136
Uppsala University1241117788123410162
University of Gothenburg202191101-1501692084135-
Linköping University362401–500301-4003573573358176
Karlstad University-801–1000-1779----
Karolinska Institutet-36453992-48100
Kristianstad University--------
Mid Sweden University---1778----
Stockholm University of the Arts--------

Unfortunately, not all Swedish institutions are ranked. However, among them, Stockholm University of the Arts could be considered as a niche institution due to its highly specific focus on art. Then, you can find a world-class leading institution such as the Karolinska Institutet, and some really good universities such as the Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg and Linköping ones. Uppsala University, in particular, is astonishingly high in the Webometrics ranking, meaning that it has a strong online presence.

Costs and fees

Sweden is quite an expensive country. Monthly costs of living for a single person are close to 850€. Keep in mind that, as a student, you could have access to various discounts which can include food, travel, and accommodation expenses.

When it comes to university’s fees, Sweden is free for EU citizens, with a median 0€/semester for EU free mover students and has a median price tag of 4800€/semester for non-EU free mover students.

Which Swedish cities are available to free movers?

Currently there are many cities that accept free movers in Sweden. Have you ever dreamt of studying in Stockholm or any other city in Sweden? Here you can find institutions divided by city: