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Nestled in the province of North Brabant, Roosendaal, the Netherlands is a quaint city with a population of 70,000-plus. Despite its small size, Roosendaal boasts abundant cultural, leisure, and educational offerings.

Avans University of Applied Sciences, with its campus in Roosendaal, is a paramount reason for students to choose the city as a study abroad destination. Avans, a well-established and reputable institution, offers a wide spectrum of programs spanning several domains, such as engineering, health sciences, and business. The contemporary and fully equipped campus provides students with a personalized and intimate learning experience.

Roosendaal offers visitors a charming, historic atmosphere with a plethora of cultural hotspots like museums, galleries, and theaters. The city is also renowned for its yearly festivals and events, ensuring there’s always something to experience. In terms of recreation, Roosendaal has a considerable number of parks, sports facilities, and open spaces, including a gym and swimming pool.

Although its location might make it slightly difficult to reach from other significant cities in the Netherlands or Europe, Roosendaal does have a dependable public transportation system, making it accessible once you arrive.

Overall, Roosendaal is a charming and delightful city with ample opportunities for students attending Avans University of Applied Sciences. Its small size and remote location are outweighed by its proximity to larger cities like Breda and Rotterdam. If you’re seeking a historic, personal learning environment, Roosendaal could be an ideal destination.

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