Listing fees

Introducing your institution to our global free mover community

We are excited to offer the opportunity for your esteemed institution to join the wearefreemovers platform, a leading portal dedicated to assisting students in finding their ideal study abroad destinations. Our commitment is to bridge the gap between students seeking dynamic and independent international study experiences and universities offering exceptional educational opportunities.

To facilitate this, we are introducing a nominal service fee of 500 CHF for new university listings on our portal. This fee is instrumental in ensuring several key benefits:

Enhanced Visibility: Your university will gain exposure to a worldwide community of enthusiastic students actively seeking study abroad options. This aligns with our mission to broaden the reach of educational institutions like yours.

Customized Support: The fee contributes towards the personalized assistance we provide to universities in crafting their profiles and showcasing their unique offerings, ensuring an attractive and accurate representation to prospective students.

Quality Assurance: We maintain a high standard of information and user experience on our platform. The fee supports ongoing quality checks, updates, and improvements, ensuring that both students and universities benefit from the most current and relevant information.

Sustained Growth: Your contribution aids in the continuous development of our platform, allowing us to innovate and expand our services, ultimately creating more value for both students and educational partners like you.

We believe that your participation as a listed university on our platform is not only an investment in global educational outreach but also an opportunity to attract a diverse and dynamic student body to your programs.

If you see this webpage, you probably have already initiated the institution listing process with us, which can be completed in your wearefreemovers menu.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration and are happy to discuss any further queries or details you may require at [email protected]