Our history

We want to make free mover mobility easier

Hi, it’s Fabio! As an ex-free mover applicant, I have not found anything dedicated to free mover students online. I feel that this lack of information could discourage many potential students from living what I think had been the best period of my study career. So, I dedicated my free time to build this study portal, that is meant to facilitate as much as possible the selection and application process for people that have a genuine burning desire, like I had, to explore new places, meet new people and live amazing experiences while studying.

I hope this website could make it easier for you to live such a life changing experience, without loosing too much time and energy in the selection process.

A few other words from my brother Andrea, who is helping me keeping up this website:

Hi, it’s Andrea! I am a Master of Science student in International Management at Bocconi University. My goal is to help Fabio develop this website and build connections with universities, in order to offer you more and better-quality alternatives while browsing.

I decided to work on this project because it had been beneficial for me while choosing in which university I wanted to do my exchange semester. Indeed, as Fabio correctly pointed out, I was able to compare different destinations more quickly, and hence lose less energy and time than my classmates during the process. This proves that, even if this website is built primarily to help free movers, it can also be helpful for students that wish to participate in an exchange program with their universities, given that it provides useful information for everybody.