• Kingston upon Thames

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  • Kingston upon Thames

    Kingston upon Thames, an urban haven in South West London, beckons students seeking a novel overseas learning journey. Its energetic and youthful vibe boasts a harmonious blend of metropolitan and suburban living.

    Nestled along the captivating River Thames, the town is a charming destination for leisurely strolls and riverfront picnics. Boats for hire line the shore, offering scenic voyages along the watercourse.

    Kingston University, a renowned institution, stands proudly in the town. This globally-acclaimed university, renowned for its hands-on education, offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs that draw students from across the globe. With the campus located at the town’s core, accessing all that Kingston upon Thames has to offer is effortless.

    Shopping enthusiasts will be delighted to find a wealth of options, from high street staples to one-of-a-kind boutiques. The town’s bustling center is dotted with a diverse selection of international dining establishments, serving up delectable cuisine.

    The town also enjoys seamless connectivity to London and its iconic sights such as Big Ben and The London Eye, among many others. A robust public transit network, including trains and buses, makes it effortless to navigate around the city.

    In conclusion, Kingston upon Thames is an ideal study abroad destination, offering a picturesque riverside location, a globally-renowned university, diverse shopping and dining options, and easy access to London via public transportation. A truly unforgettable semester awaits!

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