Wearefreemovers is a website dedicated to free mover students.

You can find it here.

You can find it here.

Because you can study abroad in a more relaxed way compared to the other options. Starting a full degree program overseas can be daunting and costly, while a free mover semester gives you flexibility and hustle-free departure, with a tiny fraction of the capital needed for completing a full degree program.

You can find them in the university finder. If you want to know more about the living costs for each country, you can check the country guides.

The prices you find on wearefreemovers are straightforward and refer only to full semester university’s fees. We do not ask for any additional service fee.

Yes. You would have on your resume an international study experience at a selected university, which means a lot in today’s job market, and a full credit recognition toward your home university’s degree program as explained here.

Yes. That’s the main disadvantage of a free mover semester. But, as explained above, total costs are lower compared to a full degree abroad.

If you can study abroad at your dream place with the Erasmus, or any funded study abroad program, you should definitely pick that option, as you don’t have to pay the selected university’s fees (but you still have to pay your home university’s ones). If you are not given the possibility to study abroad with a funded program, if you don’t like the destinations proposed by that kind of option, or for any other reason, you can opt for a free mover semester.

Usually yes, but for no more than a full academic year. Always ask to the selected university if you want to be sure about it.

Not enough. Spread the voice if you want to suggest it to your mates, or talk about it with the international staff at your university.

At the moment the university finder on wearefreemovers has more than 500 institutions, and they all accept free movers. Technically, every other university not listed here could accept free movers, unless they specify they don’t. If you are unsure on whether a certain academic institution that you don’t find here accepts incoming free movers or not, just ask them.

There is no difference. They all refer to the same term that identify a semester, independent, credit-recognized mobility. More info here.

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