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    Princeton, NJ, a scenic northeastern US hamlet, is the site of Princeton University, an elite, globally sought-after and selective institution. Founded in 1746, it boasts a rich history of scholarly eminence and is renowned for robust programs in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

    Its elitism sets Princeton apart – the admission process is fiercely competitive, with a mere 7% of applicants gaining acceptance each year. Nonetheless, selectiveness is not the sole reason to choose Princeton for study abroad.

    Princeton’s location in a safe, close-knit town, with a thriving downtown brimming with shops, cafes, and restaurants, is a significant draw. And it’s nearby major cities such as New York and Philly, easily accessible by train, granting students ample opportunities to immerse in arts, culture, and nightlife.

    Princeton offers a vast range of courses, with various options for interdisciplinary study, organized into four academic divisions: Engineering and Applied Science, Graduate School, Liberal Arts College, and the School of Architecture. With research opportunities for undergraduates and study abroad programs globally, students can find their perfect fit.

    The Princeton campus, with its iconic ivy-covered buildings and stunning Gothic architecture, is a feast for the eyes. The quads and lush green spaces are a bonus. Most undergrad residential colleges are situated in the heart of campus, offering students the chance to live and study in the epicenter of Princeton’s academic and social life.

    Overall, Princeton, NJ is a superior destination for students seeking study abroad opportunities. The world-class university, charming town, and proximity to major cities make it a premier location for a culturally and academically enriching semester or year abroad. Princeton’s exclusiveness, academic distinction, and prestige make it a top choice for students looking to study abroad.

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