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Nestled in Japan’s Shiga Prefecture lies the small city of Hikone – an exceptional study abroad destination for international students. From its unique cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes to its robust academic courses and economical cost of living, there’s a multitude of reasons to choose Hikone. This post will delve into the five major reasons why Hikone is the ideal study abroad location. Whether you’re a culture buff looking to immerse in the Japanese way of life, an adventurer eager to explore the great outdoors or simply seeking a one-of-a-kind, intellectually stimulating study abroad experience – Hikone has something to offer everyone.

Vibrant Cultural Experience: In the heart of the Shiga Prefecture, lies the historic and culturally rich city of Hikone. Studying abroad in this city grants you a chance to immerse yourself completely in the Japanese culture and lifestyle. You’ll have the opportunity to sample the local cuisine and participate in traditional festivals, providing endless opportunities to learn about and experience the culture first-hand.

Picturesque Natural Surroundings: The city of Hikone is situated in a charming region of Japan, surrounded by breathtaking views of Lake Biwa and the surrounding mountains. It’s also home to the renowned Hikone Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the few original castles in Japan. The area is abundant in hiking and cycling trails, allowing you to take in the stunning natural beauty while getting a workout.

Academic Excellence: The University of Shiga Prefecture in Hikone provides a strong academic program for international students. With a range of study abroad programs available, including language courses and cultural exchange programs, small class sizes and personalized attention from professors make it an excellent place to study and learn.

Welcoming Community: The residents of Hikone are renowned for their warm and hospitable nature, making it the perfect place for international students to study abroad. The community is highly supportive of study abroad students, with numerous opportunities to get involved and make connections with the locals.

Economical Cost of Living: Despite Japan’s reputation for being an expensive country, the cost of living in Hikone is relatively affordable in comparison to other cities in Japan. There are various housing options, such as homestays and student housing, available to help lower living expenses. Additionally, the University of Shiga Prefecture offers scholarships and other financial aid to study abroad students, helping to offset the cost of tuition and living expenses.

In conclusion, Hikone is a magnificent destination for a study abroad semester. With its immersive cultural experience, stunning natural surroundings, strong academic program, friendly community, and affordable cost of living, it is an excellent choice for international students.

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