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Istanbul Gelisim University

In 2008, the Gelişim Education Culture Health and Social Service Foundation initiated the establishment of a vocational school named ‘Istanbul Gelişim Vocational School.’ It commenced its educational activities on June 14, 2008, following approval from the Ministry of National Education and the Council of Ministers. On February 17, 2011, by the law numbered 6114, Istanbul Gelişim University was established, marking the 2011-2012 academic year. The university started with 6 Faculties, a Graduate Education Institute, 2 Vocational Schools, and 2 Schools, taking a significant step toward becoming a ‘world university.’ Each year, Istanbul Gelişim University progressively expands its global influence, making it one of the most preferred universities among Turkey’s private institutions.

Istanbul Gelişim University has achieved notable recognition for its commitment to global excellence and collaboration with leading institutions in its field. A total of 65 programs have been accredited by international delegations from esteemed accreditation bodies such as AQAS, AHPGS, and ABET, based in Germany, the UK, and the USA, respectively. This accomplishment has positioned it as the university with the most accredited programs in Turkey, garnering international attention for its strides towards globalization.

Emphasizing the role of higher education in sustainable development, Istanbul Gelişim University provides a diverse range of academic programs. These include 6 Faculties, 2 Schools, 2 Vocational Schools, 77 bachelor’s programs, 61 associate degree daytime programs, 34 associate degree evening programs, 35 thesis-based and 36 non-thesis graduate programs, along with 8 Ph.D. programs. The university caters to both national and international students.

With partnerships with over 130 universities worldwide, Istanbul Gelişim University encourages its undergraduate, associate, graduate, and doctoral students to gain international exposure and experience.


  • Turkey

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  • Instanbul

Campus location

Main campus

Language prerequisites


united-kingdom (2)

CEFR level


Accepted certificates


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Number of students


Founding year


Semester fees

500 USD

Acceptance rate



University partnership/sponsorship

Accommodation details

For both girls and boys: Yeni Nesil Ogrenci Yurtlari

Enis Cebi Ogrenci Yurtlari

Fall semester application deadline

August 30, 2024

Spring semester application deadline

December 31, 2023

Cost of living

11.500 Turkish Lira/month

Major expenses

Unfortunately, there is no major expenses detail for this destination

Visa and immigration

Countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Turkey with their national ID’s:

Germany, Belgium, France, Georgia, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, Portugal, Greece


Student Visa

Foreign students are required to possess a Student Visa, prior to their arrival to Turkey. This Visa can be obtained at the Turkish Embassy, located in one’s own country. Incoming students are advised to apply for the visa at least two months prior to the date of departure. In order to obtain an educational visa, students are required to submit these documents: a letter of acceptance given by the school in Turkey, an original passport valid for at least one year, a completed visa application form, recent passport-size pictures, and a non-refundable processing fee for the Turkish Consulate.

Foreigners who stay in Turkey for more than 90 days (the approximate time for a standard tourist visa) should apply for a residence permit. Residence permit extensions are carried out by District Police Departments Foreigners Offices. Students must register for an online appointment to receive an application. The date of appointment arranged through the E-Appointment system is considered as the application date; and the person will be considered to have applied even when visa period or residence permit period terminates before the appointment date.

To find out more about visa application formalities please visit the website:

You can also obtain information from the Ministry’s internet site:

or contact the Turkish missions in your country:

Students will be guided by the IECO about the application and the required documents for residence permit.

Social and extracurricular activities

Unfortunately, there is no information on social and extracurricular activities at this institution

Financial support


Unfortunately, there is no financial support offered at this institution

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Subjects available

  • 📊 Accounting & Finance
  • 🫀 Anatomy & Physiology
  • 🏛️ Architecture
  • 🎨 Art & Design
  • 📈 Business & Management Studies
  • 📡 Communication & Media Studies
  • 💻 Computer Science & Information Systems
  • 💹 Economics & Econometrics
  • 🏗️ Engineering CiviI & Structural
  • 💡 Engineering Electrical & Electronic
  • 🛠️ Engineering Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing
  • 📖 English Language & Literature
  • 🩺 Nursing
  • 🌐 Politics & International Studies
  • 🧠 Psychology
  • 👥 Sociology
  • 🏀 Sports-related Subjects

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