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Studying is an investment in yourself. Education pays off in so many ways that it would be reductive to list just some of them here. Specifically, studying abroad can make you a new person because of the high value that comes from such an activity, not just academically but also personally in a very complex way. I have grown so much while studying abroad. Hence, no investment can be comparable to this one for a student.

However, money is an important issue, especially if you are not financially self-sufficient while studying. The best way to drastically cut costs while enjoying a life-changing experience is to find an institution with low fees for free movers. Take a look at the university finder if you want to find a destination that fits your pockets. Additionally, scholarships are here to help you. It’s not common to receive one, but there are some possibilities if you try.

I must be honest: winning a scholarship for your free mover semester takes work since various organizations with different rules give them. Arm yourself with patience, and may luck assist you!