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Innoinsure offers a carefully selected range of insurance policies for students studying in Spain, ensuring comprehensive protection and adherence to Spanish visa regulations. With a focus on the diverse needs of international students, Innoinsure presents advantageous products from Asisa and DKV. These options allow students to choose the policy that best fits their requirements, without the need for customization. Each policy is comprehensive, covering essential health, personal property, and basic dental care, vital for a secure study experience in Spain.

These policies not only address general health and personal property concerns but also include basic dental insurance, a critical aspect often overlooked in standard student insurance packages. This comprehensive approach ensures that students have access to necessary dental care throughout their stay.

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Innoinsure also excels with its global assistance network, offering 24/7 multi-language support. This is particularly beneficial for students in Spain who might need assistance with the local healthcare system, require legal advice, or encounter emergency situations. Despite its extensive coverage, Innoinsure remains an affordable option, aligning well with the budget constraints of students. This balance of cost and quality coverage makes it a financially sound choice for those pursuing education in Spain.

Combining comprehensive coverage, including basic dental insurance, with affordability and a robust support system, Innoinsure stands out as a prime insurance choice for students in Spain. Its policies are perfectly aligned with the requirements for a Spanish (specifically student) visa, and students can select coverage for any period ranging from 3 months to 5 years, matching the duration of their study program. Innoinsure’s approach simplifies the insurance process, providing a dependable, comprehensive, and convenient solution for students embarking on their academic journey in Spain.

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