"Only 3.7% of young people have the chance to take part to the Erasmus program"

Strengthening European Identity through Education and Culture

The European Commission’s contribution to the Leaders’ meeting in Gothenburg,
17 November 2017

Studying abroad for a semester has never been easier

With wearefreemovers.com you have the opportunity to arrange a full semester abroad, or even an academic year, without the need to apply to any organized study abroad program. Studying abroad is a life changing experience, but only few students know how to prepare a recognized study abroad semester by themselves. Yes, you read it right: recognized. A successful free mover semester is not only a study period spent abroad without any mean: credits obtained during this kind of mobility are recognized by the home university and count towards the achievement of the university degree of the applicant. So don’t worry, you are going to study and take exams like you are already doing at your home university, but in a new challenging environment, with new people and new opportunities never explored before.

"Just like at your home university but with more fun"

– a common free mover student

It’s not all about fun though: study abroad experiences are considered as extremely valuable by employers; you can increase the prestige of your curriculum by choosing a top-rated university; and, even if you don’t care about job opportunities or prestige at all, you have the opportunity to live a unique experience that is going to make you grow as an individual. The European Union, for example, spends billions of euro for funding its Erasmus programme, because of the tremendous value that it brings to students and hence to society. However, places are limited and not everyone can get admitted into an organized exchange program like the Erasmus one. If you find yourself in this situation and you want to study abroad, there are still some cheap options for you. Or, maybe, you want to study in a country or at a university with which your home university does not have any exchange agreement. In both cases, keep scrolling for more!

So, what is a Free Mover?

By definition, a Free Mover is a student participating in credit mobility outside an organised student mobility program. A Free Mover chooses a host institution and organises his/her credit mobility at that institution. A Free Mover can pick a destination all around the world.

Don't worry. You are not alone

If you are interested in taking part to this kind of mobilty, you can take a look at how an application process for free movers looks like or you can jump straight to the university finder, where you can find your next destination among 500+ universities and departments that explicitly accept free mover student. If you find yourself lost throughout the process, you can always contact me.