The application process. Made simple.

Here you can find a typical application process for free mover students. Enjoy!

1. Choose the right university for your free mover semester

Do you have any preference? The University Finder is essential to find the best match for you.

2. Found the right one(s)?

Perfect. The best thing to do now is to check the specific application requirements and steps of the chosen university (or universities). Check also if you can do a sufficient number of exams/courses compatible to your study field at the selected university. Take into consideration that the exams/courses taken abroad should substitute the ones that you were supposed to do at your home university during your free mover semester. It is impossible to find a perfect match between two study programs at two different universities situated in two different countries, so don’t worry if the exams/courses are not perfectly the same. It will be your international office (or one of your designated professors) to declare if the matches between exams/courses that you proposed them are valid. Be prepared in advance: have a solid list of exams/courses for your selected destination (they should all be in the same semester obviously).

3. Contact the selected university

Then, I suggest you to send an email to the contact that you find in the webpage of the selected university. In the email you can present yourself, state that you are interested in spending a semester/full year as a free mover at that university. If needed, ask additional detail about the application requirements and the application steps and courses specific to that university. When the contact replies back, and you have a confirmation that you can apply to that university as a free mover, then it’s time to move to the next step!

4. Contact your international office

Contact your international office by email or, if you prefer, in person, and declare them that you are interested in leaving for a semester/year as a free mover to the specific university you have selected, and that you are already in contact with… (the person at the foreign university that replied to your first email). They should assign you a responsible for your case, that can help you throughout the process or with the selection of the exams/courses to take abroad, just like with any other organized mobility student. If your international office (or the person designated by them) evaluates your proposal in a positive way, then you can apply to the selected university! 🙂

5. Apply to the selected university

Just apply to the selected university. You should have all the information needed at this moment. If get accepted (and I hope so), then you just have to move to the last, and easiest, step.

6. Ask for the learning agreement

Ask your international office (or the person assigned to you by them) for a learning agreement based on the exams/courses choice that he/she/they accepted. Why is the learning agreement so important? Because it is a document that is going to formally replace the exams/courses of your home university with the ones that you are going to take abroad during your free mover semester. It is a document given to every approved mobility student (like Erasmus+ ones) and is necessary to ensure that the credits that you are going to take abroad will count towards your degree once you come back. As the 2015 ECTS Users’ Guide by the European Commission affirms:

“All credits gained during the period of study abroad or during the virtual mobility – as agreed in the Learning Agreement and confirmed by the Transcript of Records – should be transferred without delay and counted towards the student’s degree without any additional work by or assessment of the student.”

P.S. The trascript of records is the complementary document that the selected university is going to give you at the end of your semester abroad. It states that you have succesfully completed your study period at their university. Don’t worry about it now: you just need the learning agreement 🙂

That's it. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime!