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Taoyuan (Taiwan)

An exciting destination for international students seeking a study abroad opportunity is Taoyuan, Taiwan’s fourth largest city in the northwest. Housing approximately 2 million inhabitants, Taoyuan balances urban conveniences and a hometown vibe.

One of the highlights of Taoyuan for students is National Central University, a prestigious public institution with a campus in the city. NCU offers diverse curricula in disciplines such as the humanities, engineering, and business and is reputed for its research and innovative initiatives. A particular emphasis on sustainability and entrepreneurship distinguishes NCU, making it an ideal option for students interested in these subjects.

Cultural richness also abounds in Taoyuan, with numerous festivals, events, and markets. The city is famous for its festive food and nightlife, with multiple restaurants, bars, and clubs. Moreover, Taoyuan boasts various museums, such as the Taoyuan Museum of Art and the National Central University Museum, that showcase the region’s art and history.

Nature lovers will find Taoyuan heaven, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, including mountains, lakes, and forests. It is located in the Taipei Basin and nearby the Yangmingshan National Park, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. During the summer, nearby lakes and rivers offer delightful water sports and swimming opportunities.

Taoyuan is a spectacular study-abroad destination for those seeking a unique and enriching experience. Boasting a first-rate university and a plethora of cultural and natural attractions, Taoyuan is definitely worth considering for a study abroad semester.

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Taoyuan (Taiwan)

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