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A city nestled in Northern Italy’s Piedmont region, Novara entices students looking for overseas study opportunities with its many merits. The University of Eastern Piedmont, located within the city, is one such advantage. This institution boasts a high standard of education, with a well-earned reputation for providing students a demanding and comprehensive curriculum. With programs spanning engineering, law, economics, humanities and more, students are sure to find a course that matches their interests and career aspirations.

Situated at the heart of the picturesque Piedmont region, Novara offers students easy access to some of Italy’s grandest cities like Milan, Turin, and Genoa. Immerse in Italy’s rich cultural heritage, as Novara itself is steeped in history and boasts ancient architectural wonders like the 12th-century Novara Cathedral. The city is alive with cultural events and festivals throughout the year, giving students ample opportunity to delve into Italy’s customs and traditions.

Living in Italy can be costly, but Novara offers a more budget-friendly option compared to larger cities like Rome or Milan. Here, students can experience the best of Italy without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, Novara presents an attractive option for students considering overseas study. With its quality education, cultural richness, and cost-effective living, Novara is an ideal destination for those seeking a complete Italian experience.

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