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You have just been accepted to your dream study abroad program (congrats, by the way!), and now it’s time to tackle the next big challenge: finding a place to live. Finding the perfect accommodation is just as crucial as choosing the right university. That’s where we at wearefreemovers can help you with our super sleek Accommodation Finder. Teaming up with top-notch student accommodation providers, we are here to make sure we find our perfect spot without breaking a sweat.

Effortless matching with your university choices

The ease of use lies in our seamless integration with our popular University Finder. Choosing accommodation becomes as simple as selecting your country and city, mirroring the straightforward process you loved when searching for universities. This means no more juggling between tabs or sifting through unrelated listings. If you’ve found your university through WeAreFreeMovers, finding your accommodation in the same city is just a couple of clicks away.

Reliable and trustworthy

In the world of online housing searches, reliability, and trust are paramount; thus, we only collaborate with verified and reputable accommodation providers. You can hence book your accommodation with confidence, knowing you are choosing among a valuable, safe, and legitimate portfolio of stays.

How the Accommodation Finder works

The Accommodation Finder feature of wearefreemovers is a tool designed to make your search for the perfect study abroad accommodation as easy and flexible as possible. With its user-friendly interface, you can begin your search by selecting the country and city where you’ll be studying, similar to how our University Finder operates. This approach ensures that you’re presented with accommodation options that are aligned to your previous search for a destination on the University Finder.

To further refine your search, the Accommodation Finder allows you to filter results based on the accommodation provider or even search for a specific place by name. This level of search flexibility and easiness gives you the freedom to explore a wide range of housing options, from university dorms to private apartments, all of which are vetted to meet our high standards of quality and reliability. Whether you’re looking for a place close to campus, near the city center, or in a quiet neighborhood, our Accommodation Finder has got you covered, ensuring you find your home away from home with ease.

Watch out for special discounts

Some of our accommodation providers have special promo codes for wearefreemovers users.
Take a look at your future accommodation on wearefreemovers, and you may find your perfect place at a discount!

That's it!

Finding your new home abroad with wearefreemovers is as simple as it should be. Try our Accommodation Finder and rely on our assistance in case of any need for help. Let’s make your study abroad journey one to remember together.

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