Our story

Chapter 1: The problem​

Every solution starts with a problem. That’s what Fabio faced in 2016 when he wanted to study abroad for a semester.

He started applying to the organized programs proposed by his university. The list of destinations was restrictive, with many offering courses in exotic languages.

Hence, he ended up being rejected.

Chapter 2: Fabio discovers the “free mover” option

Still, his desire to study abroad was strong.

He noticed that there was an alternative: his girlfriend was going to Denmark as a free mover student.

Fabio then asked his home institution to leave as a free mover.

The reply was a sound no.

Why? Because “free mover” was unknown in his university at the time.

That was frustrating.

Chapter 3: The idea was born

Hence, after returning from an Erasmus semester in France in 2018, Fabio decided that studying abroad, especially in a semester-long format, was worthwhile and that every student should have access to this opportunity.

The idea was to provide information on free mover mobility. No informative website on this topic existed online, so Fabio’s goal was to inform the world about what free mover mobility is.

He purchased the domain on Christmas Eve 2018. wearefreemovers was born with an informative page on free mover mobility, a list of destinations, a homepage, and a contact page – just four pages in the “mare magnum” of the internet.

Chapter 4: People liked it

Mainly because of a huge lack of content in this field, wearefreemovers made it to the top Google Search spot for the “free mover” keyword in a few years.

Requests soared, and users asked for a comprehensive list of destinations. At the time, there was no University Finder, so all the content was added in the spare time manually by Fabio 😵‍💫

Chapter 5: Andrea joins the project

Andrea, Fabio’s younger brother, will join wearefreemovers in 2022 after returning from a semester of study abroad in Singapore.

He noticed that free mover mobility was gaining traction among his peers. So, he saw at wearefreemovers as a project with unexpressed potential that could be greatly enhanced.

The plan was to transform the website into an actual platform with free movers on one side and all the services they need on the other, making it as easy as possible to connect those entities.

Chapter 6: What’s next?

We aim to shape independent semester mobility into a simple and straightforward experience for free movers and institutions. That’s where wearefreemovers is heading to.

Global reach:

Empowering 15,000+ students monthly with essential resources and support.

Vast selection:

Explore 500+ destinations across 50+ countries with us.


With top service providers, offering exclusive discounts.


The first free mover community, aiming at seamless and accessible mobility.

Your free mover journey, simplified.

Effortless sign-up

Sign up as a free mover with a simple and visually appealing profile setup.

Streamlined profile management

Complete your profile once, with all essential information in one place.

Optimal institution selection

Choose the best institution based on your criteria without hassle.

The easiest application process

Submit applications directly to selected destinations using your comprehensive profile.

A single interface

No need to get lost in multiple websites: everything can be managed from your menu.

That’s wearefreemovers.
Everything about your free mover experience in one place.