Study abroad Sociology for a semester

Do you want to study Sociology abroad as a free mover student? Well, you are in the right place! Discover below the ranking positions of the academic institutions available on wearefreemovers for this subject. The following results are given by QS World University Rankings by Subject. Rankings have their importance, but they are given according to certain metrics, that you could be interested to acknowledge before examining them. Please remember that numbers can not define in detail the endless features of a free mover mobility, so please consider every academic institution that draws your attention while making your choice: a study abroad experience is much more than a ranking number. Having said that, here they are, the best universities for Sociology free mover students.

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What are the most prestigious universities for Sociology free mover students?

Harvard University - Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Master level) 1
Harvard University - Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Undergraduate level) 1
London School of Economics and Political Science 3
National University of Singapore (Research only) 6
National University of Singapore 6
University of Cambridge (Master level) 7
Yale University - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 11
Yale University (Undergraduate level) 11
Columbia University (Undergraduate level) 15
Columbia University - School of Professional Studies 15
New York University 16
University of Toronto - School of Graduate Studies 18
University of Toronto - Scarborough campus 18
University of Toronto - Mississauga campus 18
University of Toronto - Woodsworth College 18
University College London 20
University College London (Research only) 20
The University of Manchester 27
University of Hong Kong 28
Sciences Po Bordeaux 30
The University of Edinburgh 31
University of British Columbia - Vancouver campus (Master level) 32
University of British Columbia - Vancouver campus (Research only) 32
University of British Columbia - Vancouver campus (Undergraduate level) 32
University of British Columbia - Okanagan campus 32
Seoul National University 33
Stockholm University 37
McGill University (Master level) 41
Utrecht University 42
University of Queensland 46
University of Essex 48
HSE University 50
University of Sussex 62
Uppsala University 66
Heidelberg University 69
University of York 72
University of Vienna 74
University of Vienna (PhD level) 74
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile 76
Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna University (PhD level) 83
University of Glasgow 86
University of Zurich 91
University of Helsinki 95
Korea University 96
Copenhagen Business School (EU students) 98
Copenhagen Business School (non-EU students) 98
Goethe University Frankfurt 99
Sungkyunkwan University 101-150
Universitat de Barcelona 101-150
Trinity College Dublin 101-150
Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona - Barcelona Program for Interdisciplinary Studies 101-150
Durham University 101-150
University of Leeds 101-150
York University 101-150
University of Gothenburg 101-150
The University of Western Australia 101-150
University of Southampton 101-150
University of Trento 101-150
City University of Hong Kong 151-200
University of Konstanz 151-200
University of Kent 151-200
University of Southern Denmark 151-200
Universidad Nacional de Colombia 151-200
Boston University - College of Arts & Sciences (Master level) 151-200
Charles University Prague - Faculty of Social Sciences 151-200
University of Hamburg 151-200
University of Cape Town 151-200
The University of Adelaide 151-200
Universidad de los Andes 151-200
University of Exeter 151-200
Charles University Prague - Faculty of Humanities 151-200
University of Nottingham (Undergraduate level) 201-250
University of Freiburg 201-250
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Undergraduate level) 201-250
City, University of London 201-250
Ewha Woman's University 201-250
Kyung Hee University 251-300
University of Waterloo 251-300
University of Coimbra 251-300
The University of Waikato 251-300
University of Duisburg-Essen 251-300
Simon Fraser University 251-300
Corvinus University of Budapest 251-300
ISCTE University Institute of Lisbon 251-300
University of California - Santa Cruz 251-300
Universidad de Granada 301-320
RWTH Aachen University 301-320
University of Westminster 301-320
Ruhr University Bochum 301-320

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